My Best Friend 10 Lines in English [5 Sets]

My Best Friend 10 Lines: A true friend is a precious thing. The world looks dark without a true friend. In this article, you are going to learn how to write 10 lines on My Best Friend.  These 10 lines will be helpful for students of class 1 to class 12. So, let’s get started.

Set 1 : My Best Friend 10 Lines

1. My best friend is Rahul.

2. He is 8 years old.

3. He is a brilliant student.

4. He is my classmate.

5. His favourite subject is Maths.

6. We study and play together.

7. He loves to play cricket.

8. He is very hardworking.

9. He always speaks the truth.

10. I love him very much.

my best friend 10 lines

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Set 2 : 10 Lines on My Best Friend

1. Soham is my best friend.

2. We are of the same age.

3. He lives near my house.

4. We go to school together.

5. He gets up early in the morning.

6. He helps me in my studies.

7. He is very polite and helpful.

8. We play games after school.

9. We together share our joys and sorrows.

10. I am very lucky to have a friend like him.

10 lines on my best friend

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Set 3 : 10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend

1. I have many friends but Siddharth is my best friend.

2. He has an attractive and smiling face.

3. We often visit each other’s houses.

4. We both sit on the same bench in school.

5. He is very regular and punctual.

6. He is obedient to all the teachers.

7. He wants to be a Doctor.

8. He is very polite and Soft-spoken.

9. He wears simple clothes.

10. I am so proud of my best friend.

Set 4 : My Best Friend 10 Lines

1. The name of my best friend is Rohit.

2. Rohit is the only child of his parents.

3. He is very good-looking and handsome.

4. He reads with me in the same class.

5. He is a very bright student.

6. He motivates me to do better in my studies.

7. He is very honest and intelligent.

8. His hobby is drawing and coloring.

9. We do our school projects together.

10. He respects our elders and teachers.

Set 5: Class My Best Friend 10 Lines

1. I am very lucky to have a true friend in Ayan.

2. He belongs to a respected middle-class family.

3. He always stands first in the class.

4. Of all the subjects in school, science is his favourite subject.

5. He is also very good in sports and extracurricular activities

6. His ambition is to become an engineer.

7. He is very soft-spoken, and he never misbehaves with anyone.

8. He makes me laugh by cracking interesting jokes.

9. He motivates me when I feel depressed.

10. My parents also love him as dearly as they love me.

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