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My favourite Teacher 10 Lines

10 lines on My Favourite Teacher: A teacher’s profession is an ideal profession. In this article, you are going to read 5 sets of 10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher. This article is helpful for the students of class I to class XII. So, Let’s get started.

Set 1: 10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher

1. My favourite teacher is Aman sir.

2. He is my English teacher.

3. I love his teaching style.

4. He explains the subject in a very easy way.

5. He is friendly and funny.

6. He is kind and loving to all the students.

7. He is disciplined and punctual.

8. He encourages us to study well.

9. He teaches us good habits and moral values.

10. I am very proud of my teacher.

10 Lines on My Favourite Teacher

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Set 2: 10 lines on My Teacher

1. Rupali mam is my favourite teacher. She teaches us English.

2. She has a smiling face.

3. She is good looking, nice woman and well qualified.

4. She tries her best to make us understand the topic.

5. She tries easy ways to teach us good things.

6. She regularly checks our homework.

7. Her method of teaching is different from others.

8. She also tells us interesting stories.

9. She gives extra attention to weak students.

10. She rewards us when we do something good. I admire my teacher very much.

10 lines on my teacher in english

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Set 3: My Teacher Essay 10 Lines

1. Bipin sir is my favourite teacher. He teaches us Math.

2. He is well educated and knows a lot about the subject.

3. He believes in simple living and high thinking.

4. He is disciplined, punctual and sometimes strict too.

5. He makes the learning process very interesting

6. The way he teaches us Math is amazing.

7. He is the best teacher I have ever met in my life.

8. He is quite young, handsome and well dressed.

9. He is a sincere and hardworking teacher.

10. All the students like him and never miss his classes.

My Teacher Essay 10 Lines

Set 4: My Favourite Teacher 10 Lines

1. Our science teacher Ajay sir is my favourite teacher.

2. He is a strict teacher however very funny and friendly in nature

3. He clears our all doubts whenever we ask questions in her classes.

4. He uses multiple flowcharts and diagrams to explain a topic.

5. He made the science subject so much easy for us.

6. He doesn’t scold or beat us in the class.

7. I used to get low marks in Science but with the help of him, I improved a lot.

8. I am very grateful for having such a teacher in my life.

9. Motivates us to score better marks in exams.

10. Students often go to him for advice and guidance.

Set 5: My Teacher 10 Lines

1. Varun sir is my favourite teacher. He teaches my favourite subject Physics.

2. He is a highly knowledgeable and energetic teacher.

3. He always explains hard things in the easiest way.

4. He does not depend on only book knowledge.

5. While explaining he gives real-life examples to make his lessons lovely and interesting.

6. We all like to attend her class and we rarely miss her class.

7. He guides us through our difficult times and encourages us when we are down.

8. He also guides us during various school competitions and lets us find our real talents.

9. He guides us on the right lines in order to make us useful and sensible citizens.

10. I want to be an ideal teacher like him.

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