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My Father Essay 10 Lines: In this article, you are going to learn to write my father essay 10 lines in English. Here, We’ve given 5 sets of examples. These 10 lines will be helpful for students of all classes (LKG, UKG, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12). So, let’s get started.

My Father 10 Lines: Set 1

1. My father’s name is Amit Gupta.

2. He is 40 years old.

3. He is a teacher.

4. He is a great human being.

5. He works hard for my future.

6. He looks after my education.

7. He drops me to school every day.

8. He believes in simple living and high thinking.

9. He is an inspiration to me.

10. I love my father very much.

My Father Essay 10 Lines

My Father Essay 10 Lines: Set 2

1. The name of my father is Rahul Mehta.

2. He is a software engineer.

3. He is a friendly person.

4. He is very polite and soft-spoken.

5. He encourages me to work hard.

6. He tries to fulfil all my needs.

7. Never gets angry with me.

8. He always eats healthy food.

9. He helps the poor and needy people.

10. My father is my real hero.

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10 Lines on My Father: Set 3 

1. My father’s name is Arvind Kumar.

2. He is a doctor by profession.

3. He is a man of principle.

4. He is as simple as a child.

5. He helps me in my studies during his free time.

6. He motivates me to achieve my dreams.

7. He treats everyone with respect and dignity.

8. He is a fit and healthy person.

9. He takes care of all our needs.

10. My father is my idol.

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