Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station [100, 150, 200, 500 Words]

Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station: Hill station is a beautiful place to visit. In this article, you are going to learn how to write an essay or a paragraph on a visit to a hill station. Here we’ve provided 4 short and long essays (100, 150, 200, and 500 words). These essays/paragraphs will be helpful for the students from class 1 to class 12. So, let’s begin.

Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station: 100 Words

Vacations are awaited eagerly and we always make plans to go for a trip whenever we have our holidays. This time we chose to spend our holidays at a hill station. We decided to go to the Nilgiris which is situated in Ooty. We packed our bags with clothes and other necessary items and headed for a one-week trip.

We stayed there for five days and the experience was fantastic. The weather was pleasant. We enjoyed the walks through the Botanical Gardens and the bicycle ride by the lake. The place is really exotic with its extremely beautiful resorts. The lush green mountains and the beautiful flowers were a visual treat. The memory of this trip will always be etched in my mind.

Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station

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A Visit to a Hill Station Essay: 150 Words

Last summer I made a trip to Darjeeling, the Queen of Hill Stations. We travelled to New Jalpaiguri by the Darjeeling Mail. There we got into the toy train. Oh! what an experience it was! The train moved very slowly through the Terai in a zig-zag course. The streams, tea gardens, seasonal flowers and the beautiful greenery of the forests on either side of the railway track presented a picturesque scene.

The journey from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling was a wonderful experience. We stayed in a hotel in Darjeeling. There are many tourist spots there. We visited the local zoo where we saw some very rare animals. We also visited Lloyd Botanical Garden, Rock Garden, the beautiful monastery at Ghoom and the ropeway. One early morning we drove to the Tiger Hill to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the rising sun. Visiting the mall was a part of our daily routine from where we witnessed the beauty of Mount Kanchenjunga. The visit to Darjeeling was a memorable event in my life.

A Visit to a Hill Station Essay

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Essay on a Visit to a Hill Station: 200-250 Words

A visit to a hill station had been my great dream since my boyhood. But only last January I had an opportunity for the first time to visit Darjeeling. My uncle who holds his office there asked me to visit the hill station To be frank, my joy knew no bounds at this invitation. I reached Siliguri by bus. Thereafter I boarded the uncle’s office car and started for Darjeeling.

It was a fine morning- clear and bright. The up journey was very thrilling. The snow-capped hilltops afar opened full to the view. The tea gardens- all green in endless rows- were beautifully smooth to see. The windy roads and the mountain springs falling incessantly are great attractions. I could hardly resist the captivating scenery all around. I saw hills on the right and hills on the left. During my short-stay, I used to walk up almost every afternoon to the Mall. From there the entire range of Kanchenjungha can be seen clearly if the day is cloudless.

I enjoyed a ride on the ropeway. I spent a day visiting the zoo, the Lalkuthi, the Lebong Race Course, the Jalpahar and the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. I viewed to my heart’s content the magnificent sunrise from Tiger Hill. A day was fixed for Mirik Lake where I enjoyed a boating with full delight. The Batasia Loop made me spell-bound at its engineering skill used so far. The Governor’s House is worth a visit. But what impressed me most was the grand view of the Himalayas.

I felt sad that my happy days passed so soon. Yet, I was happy. I visited a hill station. known as the Queen of Hills. Its memory will stay with me forever.

A Visit to a Hill Station Essay: 500 Words


I celebrated life during a refreshing visit to a chilly hill station. It was more enjoyable because it was in summer. It was June and the schools were closed for vacations. Hill stations were crowded with people from the plains.

Your Fondness of Visiting Hill Stations:

I have already visited a couple of hill stations where l enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, the loveliness of nature, and the grandeur of rivers and waterfalls. They are all in the lap of nature, far from the “madding crowd” and pollution of densely populated cities. The landscape of a hill station is literature to a poetic soul. A poetic person, while visiting a hill station, feels:

There’s music in all things, if a man had ears.
The earth is but the music of the spheres.
(Lord Byron)

Descriptions of Your Visit:

Last summer, I had an opportunity to visit Simla with my mother. My uncle lives there. My mother and I left for Simla by train. We arrived at Kalka. It is a hilly tract of sixty kilometers from Kalka to Simla. The train leading to Simla covers this distance in about six hours. We boarded the toy train. The train had only eight or nine compartments. I looked outside through the window of the train. I saw the mountains were bathed in the glory of the rising sun. Everything looked majestic. The trees were so high. They were, as if, receiving messages straight from heaven. I felt a joyous invitation of Simla in my heart.

The following day and then through the weekend we started visiting places in Simla. It was once the summer capital of the government of India during the British rule. Now it is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. On these visits, we enjoyed the beauty and freshness of Simla. We also went for horse-riding and excursions.

To our despair, Scandal Point or the Ridge was overcrowded. There was a steep rise that took us from the Ridge to Jakhu. It is a mountain peak having very tall trees. As the legend goes, it is believed that Hanuman had fetched Sanjeevani for Lakshman from here. We were greeted by the chirping of birds from tall trees. Their carols were continually ringing in my heart. The landscape was so marvelous that I experienced a tremendous high. The song of the birds, and the whisper of the leaves echoed the ecstasy of nature.  A scented freshness filled the air. There is snow-skating available at Kufri. It is ten kilometers from Simla. We also visited it. I also took photographs to capture the beauty of Simla.


The days sped. As we left Simla, I realised that the sweet memory of this visit would never desert me. If you have a soul that responds to the poetry and drama of a landscape, beware the thrall of Simla, for it will hook you and beckon you annually.

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