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A Journey by Train Essay/Paragraph

During last summer vacation, I went on a family trip to Puri with my family. This was my first long journey by train. We reached the Howrah railway station with all our luggage quite early. The train departed from Howrah at around 9 o’clock in the morning. When I looked outside everything was running behind, I loved that scene. The train was moving quite fast. The whole train was crowded.

After boarding, we had our breakfast. I always prefer a window seat, because I can enjoy beautiful nature from there. I was impressed by the beauty of the landscape. Watching the beautiful natural scenes outside gave me extreme happiness. The train finally reached the Puri station at 6 o’clock in the evening. It was an exciting train journey.

Essay on A Journey by Train

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Short Essay on A Journey by Train

Train journeys are always very exciting. We get to meet a lot of new people. Two weeks back had a train journey. The name of the train was Howrah-Dhanbad Black Diamond Express. My destination was Asansol. The train departed from Howrah around 6.40 in the morning. The weather was pleasant and I took a window seat.

Most of the passengers inside the train compartment were either reading a newspaper or sleeping. I started reading one of my favourite novels. The constant yelling of the hawkers forced me to close the book and look out of the window. Around 8.30 in the morning I bought a cup of coffee and a packet of biscuits from a hawker. Having small sips in the coffee concentrated on the visuals and images that changed rapidly outside the train compartment.

I noticed that concrete jungle have paved its way to lush green fields and ponds with trees surrounding them. Farmers were tilling children were going to school through the mud track. The ambiance outside was serene and in complete contrast with the atmosphere inside the train.

A Journey by Train Essay

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Short Essay on A Journey by Train


Once I read a poem. I still remember some of  its lines as follows:

“All of the sights of the hill and the plain
Fly as thick as driving rain;
And ever again, in the wink of an eye
Painted stations whistle by.”
(From A Railway Carriage-RL Stevenson)

A journey by a speeding train is an exciting experience. The modern age seems to be obsessed with speed. So people prefer to travel by the railways than by road.

Description of the Journey:

One day, my father announced that we were going to visit Shantiniketan during the winter holidays. I was simply thrilled. On the scheduled day, we reached Howrah station in the morning. The Shantiniketan Express stood majestically at the platform. The station was humming with the din and bustle. There were rings of people before the ticket counters. We entered a compartment and settled down for the journey. I managed a seat beside a window. Soon the signal was green at the far end of the platform. Within a minute, the train began to move. We glided out of the station. Then it picked up speed.

As the train thundered on, I surrendered my ears to the rattle of the train wheels. They were making rickety-rackety sounds when they rolled over the tracks. I looked outside through the window to get a view of the Nature outside. The train was passing by harvested fields, meadows, brooklets, and small ponds. Through the window, the world outside looked like a motion picture. Everything looked very bright and pleasant in the morning sunshine.

I looked about my compartment. Father was flipping through a magazine. Mother was chatting with an elderly couple. The hawkers and vendors were selling various foodstuffs. A beggar was singing a song while begging. In the meantime, the train reached at Guskara station. After half an hour it reached Bolpur.

My Feelings:

I got spellbound to see the fantastic wild beauty of nature through the window. The greatness of God manifested in nature’s creations. I remembered some lines of a poem-

“The true pleasing spirits sight’s
That may breed true love’s delights”
(Nicholas Breton)

The breeze was gentle, fresh, glorious, and a pleasure to breathe. It was pouring into our compartment from outside. I sometimes lost my sense of individuality and seemed to expand through the window. Thus, I wanted to establish a magical link with nature.


Thus ended my first train journey. This journey was so pleasant that l experienced an intense high.

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