The Cow Essay 10 Lines | 10 Lines on Cow [4 Sets]

The Cow Essay 10 Lines in English: Many people of India respect and worship the cow. It is a sacred animal. In this article, you are going to learn 10 lines essay on the cow in English. This article will be helpful for students from nursery to class 10. So, let’s start.

The Cow Essay 10 Lines: Set 1

1. The cow is a domestic animal.

2. It is a gentle animal.

3. It has a large body.

4. It has four legs and two horns.

5. It has a long tail.

6. A baby cow is called a calf.

7. They eat grass and vegetables.

8. It gives us milk.

9. Cow milk is very healthy.

10. The cow is very useful to us.

The Cow Essay 10 Lines

10 Lines on Cow: Set 2

1. The cow is a farm animal.

2. A cow has four legs, two ears, and two horns on the head.

3. It is a herbivorous animal.

4. The cow gives us milk.

5. Cow milk is very healthy.

6. Cow skin is used for making leather.

7. Cow sound is called ‘moo’.

8. Its dung is used as fuel.

9. Cows live in groups.

10. Cows can live for 25 years.

10 Lines on Cow

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The Cow 10 Lines: Set 3

1. The cow is a pet animal.

2. It is found everywhere of the world.

3. The cow is very gentle.

4. It has four legs, two eyes, two ears, two horns and a long tail.

5. Its body is covered with short hair.

6. Cows are of many kinds and colors.

7. It lives on grass, leaf, straw, bran, etc.

8. It grazes in fields.

9. It gives us milk.

10. Cow dung is a good manure.

The Cow 10 Lines in English

Essay on the Cow: Set 4

1. The cow is domesticated in houses for many benefits.

2. It has four legs, a big head, two horns, two ears, two eyes and a long tail.

3. The cow lives on grass, leaves, straw, bran, oil cake etc.

4. The cow milk is pure and nutritious.

5. Butter ghee, sweets, curd etc. are made from milk.

6. Bags, shoes, buttons, and combs are made from their skin.

7. The male cow is called bullock.

8. Bullocks pull cart and plough field.

9. Cow dung is used as fertilizer in organic farming.

10. In Hinduism, the cow is considered a sacred animal and people worship her.

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