Blood Donation Essay in English | 150, 200, 300 Words

Blood Donation Essay

Blood Donation Essay: Blood donation is an opportunity to contribute to someone else’s good health. In this article, you are going to read Let’s blood donation essays within 300, 200, 150 words for students of all classes. So, let’s begin.

Blood Donation Essay: 300 Words

Harder to give; easier to take. So is said of life. We cannot give life to anybody but we can take it away at ease. We cannot revive a dead body to a living soul but can at least save a dying soul. We can do it only by giving him a few drops of our own blood.

It is known to all of us that blood is a vital medicine to save a life. We need it in case of emergency. Sometimes it happens that even the expert doctors and costly medicines cannot do wonders only for want of a bottle of blood. Blood is considered most necessary at the operation table in case of major operation.

But in our country the population is high and the patients in hospitals are on increase. Blood on the other hand is less available. As a result we always suffer a shortage of blood. Now-a-days some organizations come forward to collect blood from the people who donate voluntarily. Members of a few noted clubs donate blood as their routine duties.

In rural areas, local clubs organize Blood Donation Camps twice a year. Now people have realized that donation of blood is a noble act. It saves a life. A drop of blood is a hope for life. Divine to donate; sin to refuse.

Essay on Blood Donation

Essay on Blood Donation: 200 Words

Blood is essential to every life. Any loss of blood caused by wounds, severe burns or major surgical operations needs immediate replenishment from outside. In some diseases like thalassemia, hemophilia, leukemia and anemia blood has to be regularly supplied. This causes the need for blood donation.

Persons between the ages of 18 and 52 and free from any blood-related diseases can donate blood. Blood donation camps are held by social organizations and clubs to collect blood from donors. Blood can also be donated in blood banks located in hospitals. The blood is drawn from the donor under clinical care and collected in a sterilized bottle. A donor can safely donate blood once in every six months without any adverse effect.

There is always so much demand for blood that blood banks find it almost impossible to meet the demand. Blood saves human lives and it is our duty to respond to the noble cause and donate blood to save a life.

Blood Donation Essay

Short Essay / Paragraph on Blood Donation: 150 Words

Blood is a key element in the human body. This is essential to life. Any want of blood may lead to death. This is then the vital medicine to save life. Blood is, however, required urgently often. This is particularly needed in any case of emergency, like an accident.

Its necessity at the time of an operation is unavoidable. The liberal donation of blood is, therefore, of much importance. Different social organizations open camps to collect blood from willing donors. The collected blood is stored in blood banks for the use of needy patients.

Blood donation is indeed, a divine act. After all, this saves a dying person. Those who do this to save the dying are truly blessed.


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