A Visit to a Historical Place Essay [100, 120, 150, 250 Words]

A Visit to a Historical Place Essay: The historical places are much of educational and historical value. n this article, you are going to learn how to write an essay or a paragraph on a visit to a historical place. Here we’ve provided 4 short and long essays (100, 120, 150, and 250 words). These essays/paragraphs will be helpful for the students of all the classes (class 1 to class 12). So, let’s begin.

A Visit to a Historical Place Essay: 100 Words

Recently our school organized an educational trip to the Taj Mahal, Agra. The Taj Mahal is the most beautiful monument built in the Mughal period. It is one of the wonders of the world. It was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

This gateway of Taj Mahal is built with the use of Red Sandstone. There is a beautiful garden that begins at the main gateway and ends at the base of the monument. The building is made of pure white marble. It took twenty thousand workmen and twenty years to build. The monument is built on the bank of the river Yamuna.  It was the most beautiful building I had ever seen.

A Visit to a Historical Place Essay

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A Visit to a Historical Place Essay: 120 Words

Last Sunday, we went to the Red Fort by a specially hired bus. Along the entrance two rows of shops selling various objects of art besides selling handicrafts. During the Mughal times, this was known as Meena Bazaar. After crossing the lawn, we reached the historic building known as ‘Naubat Khana’. Then we saw ‘Diwan-e-Aam’ or the Hall of Public Audience.

Then we went to the ’Rang Mahal’ which was a place of pleasures and richly inlaid with precious stones in the Mughal period. There is a ‘Khas Mahal’ beside the Rang Mahal. It has a beautiful marble screen. The Red Fort also has the War Memorial Museum where weapons used in the First World War are exhibited. We got to see many historical things that we read in our books. We enjoyed the trip very much.

Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place

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Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place: 150 Words

My dream came true when last month our history teacher arranged a trip to Agra for us. It was 24 October when we reached there. That very afternoon we went to see the famous Taj Mahal. It is a masterpiece of architecture-all in marble. We admired the four more mosques with tall slender minarets and the huge central dome. The surroundings lend beauty to it. The mausoleum stands in the center of a big garden with marble water channels, rows of fountains, and stately cypress trees.

The tombs of Shah Jahan and his wife lie beneath the dome. We went to see the Agra Fort too. When Shah Jahan was confined there, he spent his time gazing at the mausoleum of his creation from his prison window. We saw things that we had read about in our books-the Dewan-i-Am, the Diwan-i-Khas, the Pearl Mosque, and the Shish Mahal. A visit to a place of historical importance does make history real and interesting. It was a wonderful trip.

A Visit to a Historical Place

A Visit to a Historical Place Essay: 200-250 Words

A visit to a historical place is very educative. It instructs as well as entertains us. I am fond of visiting historical buildings. Last year, I went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. In the evening, we went to see the Taj Mahal. I had heard a lot about the beauty of the Taj Mahal. But reality surpassed the descriptions that had been given to me.

It is a wonder in marble, a specimen of Mughal art. Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan in the sweet memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It was built about three hundred and fifty years ago.  It stands on the right bank of the river Yamuna. The gateway which is made of red stone is very beautiful. The garden is very lovely. The tall dark cypress trees, smooth green lawns, and the beds of flowers are pleasing to the eyes. The fountains flow here and there.

The main building is made of white marble. It stands on a raised platform. At its four corners, there are four stately towers. Inside the tomb, Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved Mumtaz Mahal lie buried side by side. This monument tells us about the expertise of the artists and craftsmen of that era. The visit to the Taj Mahal was a wonderful experience for us. It was both enjoyable and educational.

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