Newspaper Paragraph in English [100, 150, 200 Words]

Newspaper Paragraph in English

Paragraph on Newspaper in English: In this article, you are going to read 3 paragraphs on newspaper (100, 150, 200 words). It will be helpful for the students of all classes ( class 1 to class 12). So, let’s get started.

Newspaper Paragraph Writing: 100 Words

Newspaper is an essential part of democracy. News from all Over the world is printed in newspapers. The newspaper and the press play a significant role in forming public opinion. The news printed in the newspaper gives a detailed information of how a government is running.

News from entertainment and social sectors, world sports and business gives one an Overall idea of the current affairs, news and views of important people around the world. Newspaper is also a medium of expressing public grievances and thereby seeking redresses for a more comfortable lifestyle. In some cases for their own interests, newspapers provide half-baked information to us. Even though this mass media has both good and bad effects yet modern life is unthinkable without it.

Newspaper Paragraph in English

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Value of Newspaper Paragraph: 150 Words

The newspaper which is popularly called the press, is the medium through which the news is communicated far and near. There is hardly any other powerful force to give and take the news far and near like this. They serve as a mouthpiece of people. The role of the newspaper to develop and strengthen public opinion is endless. The newspaper has, indeed, great power. It can make and unmake a government.

The newspaper is always a mighty source of inspiration for all noble and worthy causes. The high ideas of freedom and democracy are best inspired by the newspapers. The newspaper contains articles written by the learned persons. Such articles enlighten us and broaden our mental horizon.

Newspaper makes a common man stay informed of worldly issues. It provides us information about the burning questions all over the world. We should definitely consider reading newspaper every day to keep ourselves updated.

Paragraph on Newspaper

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Importance of Newspaper Paragraph: 200 Words

Newspaper is an inseparable part of modern life. It actually works as a medium of mass education and awareness. In a democratic country, the newspaper plays a vital role. It acts as a link between people and government.

The newspaper keeps us updated about what is going on around our country as well as in the world. News related to sports, business, education, technology, science, health, politics, etc. are published in newspapers. We get to know about various social and economical issues from the newspaper. Elaborate articles of experts and specialists appear in them. The newspaper also helps to widen our general knowledge as well as our vocabulary.

We get to know about weather forecasts from the newspaper. Newspaper raises voice against social evils like child labor, dowry system gambling, etc. It helps businessmen and entrepreneurs to understand the market price and economic trends.

Different brands advertise their products through newspapers. Besides providing news it also entertains us through humorous columns, comics, and puzzles. Newspaper provides lots of information at a very low cost. Most importantly, newspapers are published in various languages which makes it easier for people to understand it.

If it is unbiased, it is the best media for public awareness.  We can’t think of our modern life without newspaper.

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