Paragraph on Noise Pollution [100, 150, 200, 250 Words]

Paragraph on Noise Pollution in English: In this article, you are going to learn how to write a paragraph on noise pollution or sound pollution. Here, we’ve provided both short & long paragraphs on noise pollution (100, 150, 200, and 250 Words). All the paragraphs will be helpful for the students of all classes (class 5 to class 12). So, let’s begin.

Paragraph on Noise Pollution: 100 Words

Noise pollution is the spread of noise with wide impacts on human life or that of animal life. The loud sound usually above 90dB causes noise pollution.

The noise produced by the sources like loudspeakers, motor vehicles, aircraft, bursting of crackers, Industrial noise, construction of building cause noise pollution.

The common problems caused by Noise Pollution are lack of concentration, anxiety, fatigue, headache, high blood pressure, disturbed sleep etc. Continuous exposure to a high level of noise can damage our hearing ability and even can cause deafness.

The necessary steps should be taken to minimize the level of noise and protect the people from its harmful effects.

paragraph on noise pollution in english

Noise Pollution Paragraph: 150 Words

Noise pollution is unwanted or disturbing sound that can have harmful effects on human or animal life. Loud sound above 90 dB causes noise pollution. Loudspeakers, vehicular horns, drum beatings, crackers bursting, Pneumatic drills, construction activities, etc. are the source of noise pollution.

Such noises have dangerous impacts on the faculty of hearing. Human ears cannot normally bear sound beyond a certain decibel. When that limit is crossed, eardrums get damaged and deafness follows. Apart from that, there are also other health effects like headaches, heart disease, stress, sleep disturbances etc. Noise pollution also has a significant effect on wildlife and ecosystems. It can disrupt the communication, breeding patterns and feeding patterns of animals.

Noise pollution can be reduced by using noise reduction technologies, noise control regulations and public awareness. It is crucial for us to take steps to reduce noise pollution to save human health from hazards.

essay on noise pollution

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Paragraph on Sound Pollution: 200 Words

Sound pollution or noise pollution constitutes one of the worst forms of pollution hazards today. When the pitch of a sound crosses a certain limit and becomes intolerable, the sound is said to cause pollution. High pitched sound, the continuous blaring of sound can cause physiological and psychological damage. They often lead to deafness, mental imbalance and even heart failure.

There are many factors that cause sound pollution. Indiscriminate use of microphones, shrill electric horns of motor vehicles, sounds emitted by trams, plying vehicles, aeroplanes, various fireworks and slogan-shouting all contribute towards creating this noise pollution. ln fact, we are living in an age when the entire environment is surcharged with sound pollution.

People must be made aware of the dangers of sound pollution. They should be conscious of the severe injuries sound pollution might cause. Noises should be effectively controlled by preventing indiscriminate use of loudspeakers, electric horns and high-sounding fireworks. To prevent this pollution the government have made laws restricting noise level up to a certain level. Any violation of the restrictions should be severely dealt with.

Essay on Noise Pollution: 250 Words

The worst problem that we face today is the unabated sound rending the air from morning till midnight. Sound at the high pitch affects our mind, chiefly the children’s mental growth is largely damaged by the constant noises. Sound at a growing rate leads to mental imbalance and complete deafness.

There are so many causes of noise pollution. Loudspeakers are used thoughtlessly on some occasions like marriage ceremonies, public meetings and religious festivals. In our city life, we have noises from electric horns of different vehicles, burst of crackers and fireworks, aircraft, road traffic, procession with loud slogans, agriculture machines and so on. Household equipment like television sets, mix-grinders, vacuum cleaners also cause indoor noise pollution.

It is now high time for us to be aware of the dangers of noise pollution. There are many preventive measures of noise pollution such as using earplugs, using soundproof rooms, noise-producing industries should be away from living places, planting more trees, etc. Thoughtless use of loudspeakers and electric horns and the use of deafening fireworks controlled. For this, massive awareness among people is very much necessary.

The High Court order on the control of noise should be followed rigidly. Mass media should be completely banned. The intensity of noise in our daily life should be effectively forward to telecast its dangers. If we are not alert now, we must have a deaf world very do soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. How does noise pollution occur?

Noise pollution occurs through different sources such as Industrial noise, aircraft, drill machines, horns of vehicles, loud amplifiers, bursting crackers, noise of household equipment, and so on.

Q. How can we prevent noise pollution?

Noise pollution can be prevented through the following steps:
-We should not use loudspeakers
-Soundproof doors and windows
-Industries and factories should be far away from the living areas
-Noise-proof machines should be introduced
-Planting more trees
-Strict govt. rules
-Social awareness programs

Q. How can trees prevent noise pollution?

Trees absorb and block sound, reducing noise pollution up to 10 decibels.

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