Paragraph on Pollution in English [100, 150, 200, 250 Words]

Paragraph Writing on Pollution in English: Pollution has become a big environmental problem today. In this article, you are going to learn how to write a paragraph on pollution in English (100, 150, 200 and 250 Words). We’ve included both short and long paragraphs about pollution. These paragraphs will be helpful for the students of all classes (class 5 to class 12). So, let’s begin.

Short Paragraph on Pollution: 100 Words

Pollution has become a big problem these days. Because of rapid industrialization and urbanization, the environment which includes air, water, and soil has been polluted. Due to deforestation and industrialization, air is being highly polluted, and this leads to global warming. All the water sources are highly polluted today. The excessive use of pesticides and fertilizers has polluted the soil badly. The use of firecrackers, loudspeakers, etc. affects our hearing ability.

Pollution has a severe impact on our health. It causes headache, bronchitis, heart problems, lung cancer, cholera, typhoid, deafness, etc. Due to pollution, the balance of nature is being disturbed. We have to address this issue with earnestness and seriousness.

paragraph on pollution in English

Pollution Paragraph in English: 150 Words

The environment is being highly polluted today. Pollution is broadly of four types – air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution. All kinds of pollution are the results of rapid industrialization and urbanization.

The poisonous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, CFC, Sulfur dioxide etc. released from motor vehicles, burning of fossil fuels, factories, power plants cause air pollution. The ozone layer is getting affected badly by air pollution. Air pollution can damage our lungs and respiratory system. Sewage from domestic households, industries, factories contaminates the water greatly. This leads to chronic diseases like cholera, typhoid and diarrhea. Due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides the soil is being contaminated badly.

The sound of loudspeakers, aircraft, firecrackers, horns of motor vehicles cause noise pollution. Continuous exposure to a high level of noise can cause cardiovascular diseases and can even cause permanent hearing loss.  Pollution is constantly damaging our biological system. We should come forward to put an end to pollution to enjoy a happy and better life.

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Paragraph Writing on Pollution: 200 Words

The problem of pollution has become very serious in recent years. There are different forms of pollution in the atmosphere. Water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution and noise pollution are the most common among them. Actually, the main reason of pollution lies in our habits. We are cutting down trees, making big buildings and industries.

We are throwing Industrial waste & chemicals, domestic waste, sewage and garbage in the rivers and streams. This causes water pollution. The burning of fossil fuels, industrial emissions and gases from motor vehicles produce toxic greenhouse gases in the air. Due to the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, CFC, nitrous oxide and methane the average temperature of the earth is rising which leads to Global Warming.

Due to the overuse of fertilizers and insecticides, the dumping of domestic and radioactive waste the soil is getting polluted. Loudspeakers and pressure horns create sound pollution. They make us deaf.

Due to pollution, we are going through harmful diseases such as Pneumonia, Asthama, Bronchitis, Lung cancer, Skin cancer, heart disease, etc. If we want to live a healthy life, we must change our living style. We cannot be healthy in a polluted atmosphere. It is our duty to keep our surrounding pollution free.

Essay on Pollution: 250 Words

Our planet faces today a hard thing to solve. It is pollution in air, land and water. It has now become a great problem that our life is threatened. Air is the most polluted of all. In our city-life, we have little open space where we can have fresh air, where our children can play without inhaling smoke and dust and where our old elders can spare to stand and stare and breathe to the full.

In cities, factories give out smoke, and motor cars and other vehicles emit gases. Besides, people in both urban and rural areas use loudspeakers. Different vehicles use air horns. The high sounds by all these things deafen our ears. For the expansion of Industry, greenery is mercilessly destroyed.

The land is also polluted chiefly as a result of garbage heaped and rotten for days together, plastic packets thrown everywhere and the dirty sweepings left about in the lanes. Dustbins are never used properly. The drains gush out untreated water into rivers and seas. The wastes from the factories are poured into rivers. Tankers are washed on high seas.

All these are the main factors for water pollution. The only remedy is the public awareness. We ought to be aware that the green stretch should not be perished. We should not throw any dirty things here and there. Let us live and let Nature live.

Word Meanings:

  • Mercilessly – showing no kindness
  • Gush out – to rush or flow out of something in large amounts
  • Threatened – in danger
  • Perish – to die or be killed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Pollution:

Q. Write a short essay on pollution in English.

Pollution is one of the major concerns in our modern world. Pollution means contamination of the environment due to harmful substances that can cause damage to living organisms. There are many types of pollution including air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and land pollution. The main sources of pollution are industries, vehicles, construction sites and power plants.

Q. What are the health effects of pollution?

Pollution can cause many severe health effects like Pneumonia, Bronchitis, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, diarrhea, hearing loss, high blood pressure, etc.

Q. How can we reduce pollution?

Through our joint efforts we can prevent pollution. Air pollution can be reduced by using environment-friendly vehicles, planting more trees and using alternate sources of energy. Water pollution can be prevented by reducing plastic consumption, by using natural methods to treat sewage. Noise pollution can be prevented by reducing the source of knowledge, using less horns.

Q. What are the main pollutants in our environment?

The major pollutants available in the environment are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, ozone, sulfur oxides, etc.

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