150+ Narration Change Exercises with Answers [Free PDF]

Narration Change Exercises with Answers: Narration change is an important topic in English grammar. In this article, we have provided 150+ narration questions with answers. A free PDF of these 150+ questions is available at the end of the article.

Narration Change Exercises

Exercise 1 

1. He said, “I am feeling happy.”
2. The girl said, “Rose is a beautiful flower.”
3.”What’s your problem ?,” said the doctor to the patient.
4. She said to me, “Trust me.”
5. “How cruel the man is!,” the boy said.
6. He said, “Sugar tastes sweet.”
7. He said to her, “Come here.
8. They said, “We love to play football.”
9. “Don’t shout,” said the teacher.
10. Dr. Vine said, “Sit down and don’t talk.”
11. He said, “Can I stay here?”
12. Rabi said to his friend, “Where did you keep my book?”
13. He said to me, “ How are you ?”
14. Maria said, “I visited the zoo last year.”
15. The little girl said, “I have a pink frock.”


1. He said that he was feeling happy.
2. The girl said that rose is a beautiful flower.
3. The doctor asked the patient what his problem was.
4. She told me to trust her.
5. The boy exclaimed in wonder that the man was very cruel.
6. He said that sugar tastes sweet.
7. He told her to go there.
8. They said that they love to play football.
9. The teacher ordered not to shout.
10. Dr. Vine commanded to sit down and not to talk.
11. He asked if he could stay there.
12. Rabi asked his friend where he had kept his book.
13. He asked me how I was.
14. Maria said that she had visited the zoo the previous year.
15. The little girl said that she had a pink frock.

150+ Narration Change Exercises with Answers

Exercise 2

16. Mother said, “Ganga is a holy river.”
17. Suraiya said, “My mother is a teacher.”
18. The girl said to me, Are you going away today ?”
19. She said, “I want to eat noodles.”
20. Grandma says, “The cow gives us milk.”
21. He said, “Are you sad ?”
22. Simi said to her mother, “You must prepare my tiffin now.”
23. The kid said, “I want that pastry.”
24. Grandmother said to Rakesh, “Don’t throw it.”
25. She said, “I love mango pickle.”
26. The man said, “I am busy.”
27. “Has my uncle telephoned yet?,” said Julian.
28. The boy said, “I am innocent.”
29. She said to me, “Where is your sister ?”
30. He said, “Leave me alone.”


16. Mother said that Ganga is a holy river.
17. Suraiya said that her mother was a teacher.
18. The girl asked me if I was going away that day.
19. She said that she wanted to eat noodles
20. Grandma says that the cow gives us milk.
21. He asked if I was sad.
22. Simi told her mother that she must prepare her tiffin then.
23. The kid said that she wanted that pastry.
24. Grandmother ordered Rakesh not to throw it.
25. She said that she loves mango pickle.
26. The man said that he was busy.
27. Julian asked whether his uncle had telephoned till then.
28. The boy said that he was innocent.
29. She asked me where my sister was.
30. He requested to leave him alone.

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Exercise 3

31. Roshni said, “I can easily carry 50 kg weight.”
32. Anuradha said, “I finished my project work.
33. Kenneth said, “The babies are sleeping.”
34. Merlin said, “The boys were running.”
35. Annie said, “I can’t do it now.”
36. Belinda said, “She should write it.”
37. Dorothy said, “I shall say it today.”
38. Linda said, “Terry did not do this yesterday.”
39. Sachin said, “I will buy a computer.”
40. Mona said to them, “We must not talk here.”
41. Henry said, “Does he like it?”
42. Pam said, “Has he gone?”
43. Tim said, “Why are you here?”
44. Alfred said, “When will you leave?”
45. Jill said, “Was that lovely?”


31. Roshni said that she could easily carry 50 kg weight.
32. Anuradha said that she had finished her project work.
33. Kenneth said that the babies were sleeping.
34. Merlin said that the boys had been running.
35. Annie said that she couldn’t do it then.
36. Belinda said that she should write t.
37. Dorothy said that she should say it that day.
38. Linda said that Terry had not done that the previous day.
39. Sachin said that he would buy a computer.
40. Mona told them that they must not talk there.
41. Henry asked whether he liked it.
42. Pam asked whether he had gone.
43. Tim asked why I was there.
44. Alfred asked when I would leave.
45. Jill asked whether that had been lovely.

Exercise 4

46. Carl said, “Who is this?”
47. Nellie said, “Will they write it tomorrow?”
48. “Open the door,” said Susan.
49. “Please open the door,” said Benny.
50. “Stop laughing,” said the teacher.
51. “Oh! lt’s a marvellous sight,” said Jerry.
52. “Alas! It is too late,” said Nancy.
53. “Don’t open the window,” said Jim.
54. Victor said, “How are they playing?”
55. George said, “Is this nice?”
56. “Have bread and cheese,” she said to the boy.
57. “Please give him the money Sethji,” the rest of the compartment said.
58. She said, “I have your secret here inside my little bag.”
59. My mother said to me, “Do not waste time.”
60. The saint said to the warriors, “Shed no blood.”


46. Carl asked who that was.
47. Nellie asked if they would write it the next day.
48. Susan ordered to open the door.
49. Benny requested to open the door.
50. The teacher ordered to stop laughing.
51. Jerry exclaimed in joy that it was a marvellous sight.
52. Nancy exclaimed with grief that it was too late.
53. Jim ordered not to open the window,
54. Victor asked how they were playing
55. George asked whether that was nice.
56. She told the boy to have bread and cheese.
57. The rest of the compartment requested sethji to give him the money.
58. She said that she had his secret there inside her little bag.
59. My mother advised me not to waste time.
60. The saint told the warriors not to shed blood.

Exercise 5

61. Mr. Dey said to his son, “Did you work out the sum?”
62. The boys said, “Let us go on a tour.”
63. My friend said to me, “Have you finished your homework?”
64. My father said to me, “Have you Chandra’s read Sarat Chandra’s novel ‘Srikanta’?”
65. The master said to the servant, “Where were you before? “
66. He said, “Who knew that this would happen!”
67. “Have you written anything about our teacher Samuel?” Swami said to his father apprehensively.
68. 1 asked my brother, “Are you going to school today?”
69. The children used to say, “How happy we were there!”
70. Swami thought, “You don’t know what my father has done to you.”
71. The student said to the teacher, “The rain was falling heavily yesterday.”
72. My father told me, “Do not neglect your studies.”
73. Joe said to his friend, “Please wait here till I return.”
74. Now someone said to Bhola Grandpa, “What are you gripping?
75. The old man said to the girl, “May you be happy.”


61. Mr Dey asked his son if he had worked out the Sum.
62.The boys proposed that they should go on a tour.
63. My friend asked me if I had finished my homework.
64. My father asked me if l had read Sarat Chandra’s novel ‘Srikanta’.
65. The master asked the servant where he had been before.
66. He exclaimed in grief that it had not known to anybody that would happen.
67. Swami asked his father apprehensively if he had written anything about their teacher, Samuel.
68. I asked my brother if he was going to school that day.
69. The children would say how happy they had been there.
70. Swami thought that Samuel did not know what his father had done to him.
71. The student informed the teacher that the rain had been falling heavily the previous day.
72. My father advised me not to neglect my studies.
73. Joe requested his friend to wait there till he returned.
74. Then someone asked Bhola Grandpa what he was gripping.
75. The old man wished that the girl might be happy.

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Exercise 6

76. “Oh, you, poor man!” Swami thought of Samuel, “you don’t know what my father as done to you.”
77. “What are you doing here ?” he cried in gruff voice.
78. “Perhaps you have left it in the garden,” my aunt would suggest.
79. He said, “Your brother has written me a letter.”
80. “Wrap yourself up and don’t go out in the rain,” he said.
81. The stranger said to the policeman, “Where is the bus stop ?”
82. The teacher said, “Everest is the highest peak in the world.”
83. “Let us have a picnic on Sunday,” they said.
84. The girl said to me, “Please remember me.”
85. The teacher said to me, “Can you do the sum ?”
86. Amal said, “Let me come in.”
87. “Have you lost anything today ?” said the teacher to the boy.
88. He said, “I go to bed late at night.”
89. “How shall I go there ?” she said.
90. “Don’t be late tomorrow,” he said to the boys


76. Swami pitied Samuel and said that he did not know what his father had done to him.
77. He cried in a gruff voice and asked what they were doing there,
78. My aunt would suggest that perhaps I had left it in the garden.
79. He said that my brother had written him a letter.
80. He advised me to wrap myself up and not to go out in the rain.
81. The stranger asked the policeman where the bus stop was.
82. The teacher said that Everest is the highest peak in the world.
83. They proposed or suggested that they should have a picnic on Sunday.
84. The girl requested me to remember her.
85. The teacher asked me if I could do the sum.
86. Amal requested that he might be allowed to come in.
87. The teacher asked the boy if (or, whether) he had lost anything that day.
88. He said that he goes to bed late at night.
89. She asked how she would go there.
90. He told the boys not to be late the next day.

Exercise 7

91. Pradip said to me, “Are you going away today?”
92. The teacher said to the boys, “Do not make a noise.”
93. “What’s the subject this year?” he asked.
94. “Don’t disturb me, please,” said the lawyer to his assistant.
95. My mother said to my sister, “Would you sing for our visitors ?”
96. He said, “I write a letter”
97. She said, “I like ice-cream.”
98. He said, “I never eat meat.”
99. He said, “She goes to school daily.”
100. He said, “I do not use a computer.”
101. She said, “I live in Kolkata.”
102. “You have an interesting face,” I remarked.
103. “You are a very gallant young man,” she said to me.
104. He said, “l am waiting for Mrinal.”
105. The girl said, “I ‘m getting off at Saharanpur.”


91. Pradip asked me if I was going away that day.
92. The teacher told the boys not to make a noise.,
93. He asked what the subject was that year.
94. The lawyer requested his assistant not to disturb him.
95. My mother asked (or, enquired of) my sister if (or, whether)she would sing for our Visitors.
96. He said that he wrote a letter.
97. She said that she liked ice cream.
98. He said that he never ate meat.
99. He said that she went to school daily.
100. She said that he did not use a computer.
101. She said that she lived in Kolkata.
102. I remarked that she had an interesting face.
103. She told me that I was a very gallant young man.
104. He said that he was waiting for Mrinal.
105. The girl said that she was getting off at Saharanpur.

Exercise 8

106. “I am listening to the music,” she said.
107. He said, “I am reading a storybook.”
108. She said, “I am going to school.”
109. He said, “My father is writing a letter.”
110. She said, “l have finished the work.”
111. He said, “Bimal has started a job.”
112. I said, “I have washed my clothes.”
113. She said, “I have made a mistake.”
114. They said, “We have not gone to Kolkata.”
215. She said, “I have eaten my meal.”
116. She said, “I’ve been waiting for ages.”
117. He said, “It has been raining for five days.”
118. I said, “I’ve been working since 2002.”
119. They said, “We have living here since 1990.”
120. She said, “We bought a house last month.”


106. She said that she was listening to the music.
107. He said that he was reading a storybook.
108. She said that she was going to school.
109. He said that his father was writing a letter.
110. She said that she had finished the work.
111. He said that Bimal had started a job.
112. I said that I had washed my clothes.
113. She said that she had made a mistake.
114. They said that they had not gone to Kolkata.
115. She said that she had eaten her meal.
116. She said that she had been waiting for ages.
117. He said that it had been raining for five days.
118. I said that I had been working since 2002.
119. They said that they had been living there since 1990.
120. She said that they had bought a house last month.

Exercise 9

121. He said, “I received a letter yesterday.”
122. I said, “I made a serious mistake in calculation.”
123. She said, “I saw him crying.”
124. I said, “I waited and waited.”
125. “They left the town,” Sidda said.
126. She said, “l was writing a letter.”
127. He said, “I was walking along the street”
128. We said, “We were eating our meal.”
129. They said, “We were playing cricket.”
130. She said, “I was waiting for my friend.”
131. He said, “I had never seen her before.”
132. She said, “I had never lived in Bangladesh.”
133. He said, “I’ll see you later.”
134. I said to them, “You will get wet.”
135. They said, “We will go to play.”


121. He said that he had received a letter the day before (the previous day).
122. I said that I had made a serious mistake in calculation.
123. She said that she had seen him crying.
124. I said that I had waited and waited.
125. Sidda said that they had left the town.
126. She said that she had been writing a letter.
127. He said that he had been walking along the street.
128. We said that we had been eating our meal.
129. They said that they had been playing cricket
130. She said that she had been waiting for her friend.
131. He said that he had never seen her before.
132. She said that she had never lived in Bangladesh.
133. He said that he would see me later.
134. I told them that they would get wet.
135. They said that they would go to play

Exercise 10

136. He said, “I will read David Copperfield.”
137. 1said to him, “I’ll be waiting for him.”
138. He said, “I will be playing cricket.”
139. She said, “I’ll be singing.”
140. He said, “Mita will be dancing.”
141. I said, “I will have done the job.”
142. She said, “I’ll have finished the work.”
143. He said, “They will have passed the examination.”
144. She said, “We will have reached the station.”
145. “Are cherry seeds lucky?” asked Rakesh.
146. “Climb up! Little boy,” said the Tree.
147. “How did you get here, child?” asked the man.
148. “Will it be all right?” she asked.
149. The teacher said to the students, “Do not make a noise.”
150. “What’s the matter, Schatz?” said father.
151. The teacher said, “Man is mortal.”


136. He said that he would read David Copperfield.
137. I told him that I would be waiting for him.
138. He said that he would be playing cricket.
139. She said that she would be singing.
140. He said that Mita would be dancing.
141. He said that he would have done the job.
142. She said that she would have finished the work.
143. He said that they would have passed the examination.
144. She said that they would have reached the station.
145. Rahul wanted to know whether (or if) cherry seeds were lucky.
146. The tree told the little boy to climb up.
147. The man asked the child how he had get there.
148. She wanted to be assured whether that would be all right.
149. The teacher ordered the students to make no noise.
150. Father asked Schatz what was the matter.
151. The teacher said that man is mortal.

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