Voice Change Exercise for Class 10 – Active and Passive Voice

Voice Change Exercise for Class 10: Active and passive voice (Voice Change) is an important part of English grammar. In this article, we’ve provided 50 voice change exercises with answers. These exercises will be helpful for students of class 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. So, Let’s start.

Definition: Voice is the form of the verb which shows whether the subject acts or is acted upon.

There are two voices:
(a) When the subject of the sentence is the doer or actor, the verb is active.
Ex: He said this. I did it. He runs

(b) when the subject of the sentence is acted upon, the verb is passive.
Ex: This was said by him. It was done by him

Let’s practice some exercises.

Exercise 1:

1. Children like sweets.
2. He sells fish in the market.
3. They are drawing pictures.
4. She is cooking rice in the kitchen.
5. Partha has written these letters.
6. They have brought the statue from Kolkata.
7. They bought toys.
8. The driver was blowing the horn.
9. Were the boys throwing stones?
10. Shall we help her?


1. Sweets are liked by children.
2. Fish is sold by him in the market.
3. Pictures are being drawn by them.
4. Rice is being cooked by her in the kitchen.
5. These letters have been written by Partha.
6. The statue has been brought by them from Kolkata.
7. Toys were bought by them.
8. The horn was being blown by the driver.
9. Were stones being thrown by the boys?
10. Will she be helped by us?

active and passive voice examples with answers

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Exercise 2:

1. Mr. Roy will have taught this class.
2. Where did you keep the pen?
3. Why did you not tell me this?
4. Who does not love kids?
5. You must ask your parents.
6. Children must exercise daily.
7. Can I use your towel?
8. Nobody touched your bag
9. Isn’t she cooking it?
10. Tom does not love Jerry.


1. This class will have been taught by Mr. Roy.
2. Where was the pen kept by you?
3. Why was I not told this by you?
4. By whom are kids not loved?
5. Your parents must be asked by you.
6. Exercising should be done by children daily.
7. Can your towel be used by me?
8. Your bag was not touched by anybody
9. Isn’t it being cooked by her?
10. Jerry is not loved by Tom.

Voice Change Exercise for Class 10

Exercise 3:

1. Would you like a glass of lemonade?
2. Anybody can do this.
3. She can speak seven languages.
4. My grandfather could play cricket.
5. Can I open the window?
6. Are you reading the book?
7. Where did you see him?
8. Who will do the work?
9. What did they do?
10. Why have you bought this?


1. Would a glass of lemonade be liked by you?
2. This can be done by anybody.
3. Seven languages can be spoken by her.
4. Cricket could be played by my grandfather.
5. Can the window be opened by me?
6. Is the book being read by you?
7. Where was he seen by you?
8. By whom will the work be done?
9. What was done by them?
10. Why has this been bought by you?

Exercise 4:

1. We may help you.
2. You must take this medicine.
3. She is cooking rice in the kitchen.
4. The girls have sent the flowers.
5. We had won the match.
6. I shall have written the letter.
7. He might take your help.
8. Do not be cruel to animals.
9. Do you know how much a lie hurts?
10. She offered me a glass of water.


1. You may be helped by us.
2. This medicine must be taken by you.
3. Rice is being cooked by her in the kitchen.
4. The flowers have been sent by the girls.
5. The match had been won by us.
6. The letter will have been written by me.
7. Your help might be taken by him.
8. Animals should not be treated cruelly by you
9. Is it known to you how much a lie hurts
10. A glass of water was offered to me by her.

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Exercise 5:

1. Make hay while the sun shines.
2. My mother carried me home.
3. Please excuse me.
4. Finish your food first.
5. Shamima is wearing a saree.
6. Let him do whatever he wants.
7. All should stop smoking.
8. Should I visit the doctor?
9. We might win the prize.
10. You should take an umbrella.
11. The teacher made us stand up on the bench.


1. Hay must be made while the sun shines.
2. was carried home by my mother
3. You are requested to excuse me.
4. Let your food be finished first.
5. A saree is being worn by Shamima.
6. It is advised that he should be allowed to do whatever he wants.
7. Smoking should be stopped by all.
8. Should the doctor be visited by me?
9. The prize might be won by us.
10. An umbrella should be taken by you.
11. We were made to stand up on the bench by the teacher.

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