Write a Letter to Municipal Corporation about Water Supply [3 Samples]

Letter to Municipal Corporation about Water Supply: In this article, you are going to learn how to write a letter to the municipal corporation for the poor and irregular supply of water. We’ve given 3 sample letters here. This letter will be helpful for the students of all classes. So, let’s get started.

1. Write a letter to municipal corporation about water supply

Kolkata – 700034
17 June 20XX

The Municipal Commissioner
Kolkata Municipal Corporation


I would like to express my concern about the crisis of water in Behala, Kolkata due to irregular supply of water.

People in our area are facing water supply problems in the beginning of summer itself. In spite of several complaints, no action has been taken so far. Due to this, the residents of this area are suffering greatly.

Therefore, I request the Municipal Corporation and the authorities to look into the matter immediately and restore the water supply to this area as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

Write a Letter to Municipal Corporation about Irregular Water Supply

2. Irregular water supply complaint letter in English

Jai Niwas,
Karad – 415110
19 May 20XX

The Municipal officer
Karad Municipality

Sub: Irregular water supply 

For almost a month, the residents of Nishibagh have been facing acute water supply problems. The entire area receives irregular and scarce supply of water. Water is supplied to our houses for barely half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening. Even the timings of the water supply are irregular. This causes a lot of problem since someone has to be in the home all the time to fill the water.

People have to queue up at public water taps for hours before they get a measly bucket of water. Very often arguments and quarrels break out. This is all an expression of the frustration of the residents.

Please look into the matter with utmost urgency. The situation has become so severe that if you do nothing about it, we may have to resort to sterner means.

Yours truly,

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3. Write a letter to municipality about irregular water supply

Ashok Nagar,
Delhi – 110018
22 July 20XX

The Municipal commissioner
Municipal Corporation of Delhi


I wish to draw your kind attention towards the irregular supply of water in Ashok Nagar, Delhi. It is a vast populated region. The gentry dwells there. Most of the dwellers pay income tax to get social amenities in time. But it is a gruesome matter and they have to face numerous intolerable inconveniences due to irregular Supply of Potable water. Many complaints have been lodged to the concerned dept. of the Municipality but all in vain. It seems that all the officials are in slumber or neglecting their duties towards the masses which seems disgusting.

On behalf of all the dwellers of this vicinity, I plead the concerned officials to wake up from Slumber and take necessary steps to curb the uncurbed situation.

Yours truly,

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