Write a Letter to the Municipal Commissioner to Inform Her/Him about the Poor Quality of Roads in Your Locality

Letter to the Municipal Commissioner about the Poor Quality of Roads: In this article, you are going to learn how to write a letter to the municipal commissioner about the poor quality of roads in your locality. so, let’s get started.


(Your Address)

April 18, 20….

The Municipal Commissioner,

Subject: Poor quality of roads


I am a resident of______ locality. Through this letter, I want to bring your kind attention to the poor quality of roads in our locality.

The roads in our area have not been repaired for the past 2 years. It is so miserable with so many pits and breakages that it is always a danger to the traffic. Vehicles can not run smoothly. Accidents have become very common in this area. The school children and aged people are facing a lot of problems. During the rain, water stagnation and potholes on the roads make it tough for motorists to drive in such poor conditions.

Therefore, I urge you to look into the matter and take immediate action to solve this problem.

Yours faithfully,

Q. Write a Letter to the Municipal Commissioner about the Poor Quality of Roads in Your Locality

HRC society

27 April 20…

The Municipal Commissioner,
Uttar Pradesh.

Subject: Poor condition of roads


I am a resident of Indirapuram. I would like to draw your attention towards the poor quality of the link Road.

The road is very vital since it links Indirapuram with the National Highway. The road is usually in a bad shape which becomes worse during the monsoon. As many as four mishaps have already occurred within the first three months of this year and the number might increase if proper action is not taken to repair the road.

Hence, through this letter, I would request the concerned authorities to take necessary action and get the road repaired without any further delay.

Yours faithfully,
Amrit Gupta

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Q. Write a Letter to the Municipal Corporation Complaining about the Bad Condition of the Road

BF Block

December 9, 20XX

The Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation,

Subject: Complaint against the bad condition of roads

Dear Sir,

This is to say that I, Ajay Mukherjee, is a resident of the Sector-1 locality. I want to draw your kind attention towards the bad condition of roads in our area.

Ever since the last municipal elections held four years back, the area has not received road repairs. The condition today is that one of the most posh areas of the city gives a decayed image. Frequent traffic snarls, bottlenecks and jams are a frequent menace for the commuters and area residents. The wide open sections of roads in the area have also been the culprit for various fatal accidents in the past. Air and noise pollution greet the area residents from morning to evening. Loss of time, money and energy further add insult to the injury of the area residents. All the requests and complaints to the authorities have fallen on deaf ears. It seems now that the only way left for the residents and the passing commuters, is to approach the honourable court and file a petition with it.

Hoping that this letter serves to be the final eye opener and save them from the legal proceedings.

Yours truly
Ajay Mukherjee

Word Meanings:

  • Posh area: a locality where the residents live a comfortable, luxurious life
  • Commuter: a person who travels a long distance regularly
  • Fatal: very serious

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