Report Writing on Independence Day Celebration [5 Examples]

Report Writing on Independence Day celebration: In this article, we’ve provided 5 examples of report writing on Independence Day celebration in your school. So, let’s get started.

1. Write a report on the Independence Day celebration in your school [100 words]

Independence Day Celebration
By Rohan Gupta

New Delhi, August 16: The 77th Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by all the students of the school. The students cleaned their classrooms and decorated them with colourful balloons and ribbons. Pictures of our great leaders and freedom fighters were placed on the notice board. Dr. Modi, a famous doctor, was the chief guest. He hoisted the flag and the national anthem was played.

Later, students presented patriotic songs and poems. There were speeches by teachers, the Principal, and the chief guest. Then the chief guest inaugurated an exhibition on our freedom struggle and our freedom fighters. There was a feeling of pride and patriotism in everyone’s heart. The program was concluded with a vote of thanks. At the end, sweets were distributed to the students. 

independence day report writing

2. Write a brief report on how Independence Day was celebrated in your school [100 words]

Celebration of Independence Day
By Akash Mukherjee

Kolkata, August 17: The 77th Independence Day was celebrated with great joy at our school. On this day the school campus was nicely decorated with flowers and flags. Students came to school in clean school uniforms. All stood in rows. Our Principal hoisted the National Flag. Then we all saluted the flag and sang our National Anthem together.

A cultural program was also held in the school where students of all classes participated. Some students sang patriotic songs and some recited poems. Some made speeches. After that, our Principal told us the importance of the day. Then we remembered the freedom fighters of our country. At the end, sweets were given to all.

report on independence day celebration in school

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3. Report writing on Independence Day celebration in your school [150 words]

Independence Day Celebration
By Aman Gupta

Mumbai, 16 August: The 77th Independence Day was celebrated in our school on 15th August with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. The school campus was beautifully decorated with flags and balloons to commemorate the day. All the students and teachers gathered in the school premises at 9 a.m. in the morning.

In the presence of a gleeful gathering, the National Flag was hoisted by the Principle of the school. A solemn speech was given by the Principal to pay homage to the brave martyrs of the country. Then the secretary of the school discussed in brief the significance of Independence Day.

After that, melodious patriotic songs were sung by the students of grades XI and XII. Cultural activities such as dance and music competitions, quizzes, debates, and speeches were organized by the school. The winners were given prizes at the end of the program. Sweets and chocolates were distributed to everyone. The program ended by singing the National Anthem.

Report Writing on Independence Day Celebration

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4. Independence Day celebration report writing [150-200 words]

Independence Day Celebration
By Riya Banerjee

Kolkata, August 18: This year we celebrated the 77th Independence Day in our school with great pomp and grandeur. All the teachers and students assembled in our school premises at 8 a.m. The B.D.O of our block was invited as the chief guest of the program. He was welcomed with flowers. The chief guest hoisted the National Flag. As soon as the flag was hoisted, everyone sang the National Anthem.

A stage was made for the cultural programs. The stage was decorated with flowers, festoons, and tricolor flags. Various debates, competitions, and quizzes were arranged to commemorate the auspicious day. The students of class X sang the Patriotic songs in their melodious voices.

Thereafter, the chief guest and Principle gave inspiring speeches that awakened everyone’s feelings towards the Mother Land. Some students also delivered short speeches on Independence Day. At the end, the packets of sweets were distributed to the students.

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5. Prepare a report on the Independence Day celebration in your school [200 words]

Independence Day Celebration
By Vijay Kumar

Chennai, 19 August: Our School observed the 77th Independence Day with dignity and honour. The ceremony started at 8 AM in the school premises with a large crowd of teachers, students, and parents. The students came in proper school uniform. The whole school campus was decorated with tricolor balloons and flags.

The special occasion started with the hoisting of the tricolor by the Principal. It was followed by the National Anthem. After that, the students performed March-past with the Indian Flag to pay tribute to the motherland ‘INDIA’.  A student of class XII gave a depth speech on the freedom fighters who played an important role in Indian independence. The Principal also addressed the students with his inspiring words. He stressed upon the value of sacrifice, hard work, honesty, and character formation as the chief aim of the students.

Following the speech, there were dance programs and other cultural events performed by students. Thereafter, the Principal distributed prizes to the students who got excellent marks in the previous exam. At the end, sweets were distributed to the students.

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  1. The morning of 15th August this year at sunshine public school was a brust of colours of patriotism the school was decorated considering the element of the tricolour………………..
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