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Autobiography of a Banyan Tree 500 Words

Autobiography of a Tree:  In this article, you are going to learn how to write an Autobiography of a Banyan Tree. So, let’s get started.

Autobiography of a Tree

I am an octogenarian banyan tree. I am mossed all over my trunk. But still, I have so many branches to offer the tired travellers a comfortable and cool shade at noon. My friends across the world, and I give humanity some of the vital amenities that make life possible on earth- oxygen, medicines, etc. We serve. them without expectation and sacrifice Our everything to support them.

I was born from a seed. I remained low in the ground for some days. Then I opened my eyes and was greeted by the sun during spring-that time of the year when the air is fresh, delicately romantic and a pleasure to breathe. The world seemed very beautiful. I was never tired of looking at sunny nature. I stood on my feet. I played hide and seek games with sunrays and moon became what joy and merriment! Merriment is the sunny side of any existence. Isn’t it ? Gradually, I attained maturity, and rooted deep in the ground.

Autobiography of a Tree

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I stood as a silent witness of varied spectacles It was an afternoon. Some children played under the careful protection of my big arms. I saw a funeral procession passing by me. They were praying for the eternal bliss of the departed soul, Tears were rolling down the cheeks of the men in the procession. Wailings of women were heart-rending. I sighed. I meditated and realized that the cycle of birth and death, going through ages, is a plan of God. I am also an atheist. I also desire to live with God after death, where I will find eternal peace. I also saw so many wedding processions, processions of pilgrims passing by me or taking rest for some time. I felt interested in worldly affairs. In dark nights, dacoits and gangsters assembled beneath my branches. I listened intently to their hushed voice. They resolved to murder a man and decamp with a booty. I shuddered with fear. But I had no power to resist them or to disrupt their cruel plan.

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On the first day of the Bengali year, a fair is held in an open place around me. It continues for a fortnight. A huge crowd of people come here from distant places. Some are so very insensitive. They inflict deep wounds on my gnarled body. They drive big nails to pitch tents. never protest, and I try and render much help to all. Birds build their nests on my branches. The chirping of birds gladdens my heart.

I silently cry in pain. I Still have grown very old and lost my youthful vigour and strength. One day some cruel people chopped off a good many number of my branches. But I could not say anything and continued to bleed profusely from the wounds. However, I have seen a great deal of men and their manners. They have enriched my knowledge. Everybody around me respects me for my wisdom. But I am afraid of none but violent storms. I have been withstanding their mighty onslaughts for many years. But now, I think my days are numbered. I will accept death with a spirit of calm resignation to God who once brought me in this world, Like human beings, I am also mortal. Thus, l should not lament. Rather, I feel glad, remembering my glorious past.

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