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Autobiography of a Banyan Tree 500 Words

Autobiography of a Tree:  In this article, you are going to learn how to write an Autobiography of a Banyan Tree [100 words]. So, let’s get started.

Autobiography of a Tree in about 100-120 words

I was born in a garden as a seed of a mango tree. I was put in the soil by the gardener who was very fond of trees. I was born in a kitchen garden of a rich man. The gardener used to irrigate me every day. I started growing and soon green leaves covered me. The gardener took care of me in my childhood. He brought me up like a child. He fed me with the best quality of manure.

Now I have become a tree. I bear good quality mango fruit. I am tall, well built, and full of leaves. Children of my owner play under me in the summer vacations. They jump and hang on my branches.

When I become old and stop bearing fruit my owner will remove me from his garden.

Autobiography of a Tree

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