Autobiography of a River – for Students and Kids

Autobiography of the River Ganga

Autobiography of a River: In this article, I am going to learn how to write an Autobiography of the river Ganga. So, let’s get started.

Autobiography of a River

I rose from a glacier known as Gangotri in the Himalayas thousands of years ago. Then came cascading down the mountains in a torrent. I flowed over the rocky bed, forming tiny rivulets, springs and streams. My water was icy-cold but absolutely clear and pure. My water swelled when the snow melted. l was proud, triumphant, and majestic. The Hindus consider me to be the holy river and worship me.

Autobiography of a River

In the course of my long journey to the sea, I reached the plains and become a broad river with a slow but steady flow. About 130 miles from its source, I was united with the river Alaknanda and then touched the plains, near Haridwar. I am a fair-sized stream of clear, blue water there. From Haridwar, I flow to Allahabad where I embrace the Jamuna which originates in Garhwal in the Himalayas. The confluence of our waters is a place of pilgrimage. After leaving Allahabad, I flow eastwards to Varanasi, the city of temples. I move past Ghazipur, Patna, Munger and meet the great river, Brahmaputra, 140 miles away from the sea. the to form the biggest delta in the world, Sundarbans. On my western bank, stands the Hooghly, and on my eastern bank stands the great city of Kolkata. However, my long journey comes to an end when I reach the vast sea.

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It was only when I reached the big cities that my troubles began. Man has made factories and the wastes were disposed into my water. My flow was clogged. My waters were polluted. I was no longer clean and pure. The life that was harbouring within me since I was born is now perishing. The fishes which I love and nurture like a mother slowly began to die.

However, I flow through the plains till I reach the ocean, which is my destination. I have been a silent witness to the history of human civilization through the ages. Time devours everything, but still I exist to experience the days to come.

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