Write a Conversation Between Teacher and Student [3 Examples]

Conversation Between Teacher and Student: In this article, you will learn how to write a conversation or dialogue between teacher and student. Here, we’ve provided 3 examples for your convenience. So, let’s begin.

1. Conversation between teacher and student about exam preparation

Student : Good morning, sir.

Teacher : Good morning.

Student : Sir, my examination is round the corner. Can you give me some instructions as to how I should prepare?

Teacher : Certainly! But at first, get rid of your mobile. That is a major distraction.

Student : Ok, sir.

Teacher : Read your texts thoroughly, for you must have all the information while you study.

Student  : Sir, I have a problem in memorizing.

Teacher : Instead of learning, try to understand it. Try to concentrate on one major theme at a time until you grasp it well.

Student : Sir, a few of my friends were planning to do group study. Will it be useful?

Teacher : Yes, definitely. You also must solve old question papers because those will help you get acquainted with the format of the questions.

Student  : Thank you, sir.

Teacher : If you need anything else, let me know.

Student : Sure, sir.

Conversation between teacher and student about exam preparation

2. Conversation between teacher and student about homework

Teacher : Show me your homework notebook.

Student : Sorry, sir. I forgot to complete my homework.

Teacher : It is not the first time. You often don’t do your homework properly. Let me call your parents and tell them about this.

Student : Please sir, don’t tell my parents about this.

Teacher : When will you do your homework properly?

Student : Sir, from onwards I’ll do my homework regularly.

Teacher : Promise?

Student : Yes sir.

Teacher : Okay, this is the last time I am pardoning you. If you either do this mistake I’ll call your parents. Do you understand me?

Student : Yes sir. Thank you very much.

Conversation between teacher and student about homework

3. Dialogue between teacher and student about importance of English

Student : Ma’am, can I talk to you for a minute?

Teacher : What is it, my boy?

Student : l am very weak in English and that’s why my classmates laugh at me. I don’t know how to improve my English.

Teacher : Well, you mustn’t feel bad about this. Just keep in mind that learning English is essential nowadays as it is the key to success.

Student : Ma’am, kindly give me some suggestions on how I can improve.

Teacher : Well, start with reading English newspapers. The Telegraph would be an easy one for you.

Student : Will it be enough?

Teacher : Not really. You must watch English news and English movies too. Try to communicate in English with your friends. That will help you the most.

Student : Thank you, ma’am.

Teacher : Remember, learning English properly, will help you to expand your knowledge. It will help you in higher studies too and most importantly, it will help you to score more in the job interviews.

Student : Thanks a lot, ma’am. I really didn’t know all these.

Teacher : Welcome, my boy! Now you go and attend your classes.

Student : From today onwards, I’ll try to learn English accurately.

Teacher : Very good. Don’t hesitate to come to me if you ever face any problem.

Student : No, ma’am. I won’t.

Teacher : That’s like a good boy!

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