Conversation Between Shopkeeper and Customer [3 Examples]

Conversation/dialogue Between Shopkeeper and Customer: In this article, you will learn how to write a conversation or dialogue between shopkeeper and customer in English. We’ve given 3 examples here. This dialogue will be helpful for students of all classes. So, let’s get started.

1. Conversation between shopkeeper and customer buying books

Shopkeeper: Welcome to our shop, sir.

Customer: Thank you.

Shopkeeper: How may I help you?

Customer: I am looking for some grammar books.

Shopkeeper: Do you have any particular choice?

Customer: Yes, can you show me Wren & Martin English Grammar Book?

Shopkeeper: Of course, here is your book, sir.

Customer: Can you show me another book on English Grammar?

Shopkeeper: Sure, I would suggest you to buy Oxford Modern English Grammar book.

Customer: Is this a perfect book for Grammar?

Shopkeeper: Yes, you will find everything written in a simple and easy way in this book.

Customer: Okay, what’s the price of these two books?

Shopkeeper: These two books will cost you around 1000 rupees.

Customer: Well, here’s your payment.

Shopkeeper: Thanks for visiting our shop, sir. Visit us again.

Customer: Okay, Goodbye.

Conversation between shopkeeper and customer buying books

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2. Dialogue between shopkeeper and customer buying clothes

Shopkeeper: Sir, how may I help you?

Customer: I am looking for a T-shirt.

Shopkeeper: What size are you looking for?

Customer: I am looking for a medium size.

Shopkeeper: Okay, these are the collections of T-shirts.

Customer: Nice collections. Do you have it in black colour?

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, here is the black one in medium size.

Customer: How much is it?

Shopkeeper: It is 500 rupees, sir.

Customer: I also loved the blue one. Pack these two T-shirts.

Shopkeeper: Okay, how will you pay?

Customer: With cash. Here you are.

Shopkeeper: Thanks. Here are your T-shirts.

Dialogue between shopkeeper and customer

3. Dialogue between shopkeeper and customer buying vegetables

Customer: Are these vegetables fresh?

Shopkeeper: Yes mam, all the vegetables are fresh.

Customer: What’s the rate of potatoes?

Shopkeeper: It’s 30 rupees per kg.

Customer: What is the price of onions?

Shopkeeper: 40 rupees per kg.

Customer: Okay, give me two Kgs of potatoes and one kg of onions.

Shopkeeper: Anything else, mam?

Customer: Give me also 2 Kgs of tomatoes and 1 Kg of carrots.

Shopkeeper: Mam take brinjals and cabbages also. These are fresh too.

Customer: No I don’t need brinjals. Give me 2 Pcs of cabbage only. Now, what is the bill?

Shopkeeper: 260 rupees only, mam.

Customer: I have taken so many vegetables. You should give some discounts.

Shopkeeper: Okay mam, you give me 250 rupees.

Customer: Here’s your money. Give me some coriander leaves for free.

Shopkeeper: Take it, mam.

Customer: Thank you.

Shopkeeper: Come again.

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